If you'd like to watch the cartoons visit Youtube for video or Newgrounds for flash versions.  I'm also on Twitter.


Greasy Tales 4


Greasy Tales 3

The whole thing is sketched out, but I'm not gonna finish the art.


I've started up a patreon to help make my erogenous cartoons a viable activity.


New House of Squid

Global Warming

Second Date

Snow Storm

Spike Trap

Stompin Time

We don't meet up for 6-7 hours of drawing like we used to.  Instead, we meet for a few hours at "Drink & Draw" events.

So we have a large pile of unfinished comics, but it typically takes a year or so to fill a whole page. 

Also there's some other artists/disreputable drunks involved.


Greasy Tales 2

The video.


Fernando and the Orb of Gaia

And you can watch it in video form here.


Older Comics:  Ultimate Street Yacht Battle   Cat Stab

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